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GOODSMANN LED Outdoor Low Voltage String Lights 12V AC 10PCS 2W Bulbs 135 Lumens Hanging Landscape Lighting 2800K 50 FT String Weatherproof Decorative Lights for Patio Lights, Connectable Backyard Lights

$105.99 $99.99
SKU GG9132-82601-10A
FOR ANY OCCASION: Light up Your Life with Our 50FT Long Light String! This 50FT cord is equipped with 10 2W bulbs with connectors, each producing a warm, inviting glow of 135 Lumens with a color temperature of 2800K. Reliable for illuminating your garden, backyard, porch, party or gazebo lighting. This flexible and convenient lighting solution is enhance outdoor setting
SAFE LOW VOLTAGE OUTDOOR USE: The 12VAC low voltage light string is a safe and efficient lighting solution for outdoor space. With its low voltage input, it eliminates the need for high voltage electrical wiring, reducing the risk of electric shock and fire hazards. This lighting string is designed to provide bright, efficient and safe lighting for outdoor patios, gardens, and walkways
PORTABLE: The bulbs on this string lights are equipped with socket that with cable connector, making it a user-friendly design that allows for adjusting the bulb's position on the cable through the connector on the socket. This versatile and flexible feature provides greater flexibility and convenience for all lighting needs
WEATHER RESISTANT: Designed with durability in mind, this light string is made to withstand the elements. The UL approved and IP65 weatherproof LED bulb that protects against rain, wind, and other outdoor conditions. Whether you're lighting up your backyard, patio, or gazebo, this string light is the reliable choice for any outdoor occasion. Don't let harsh weather conditions stop you from enjoying your outdoor spaces
ENERGY SAVING:Illuminate your outdoor space in an energy-efficient way with our 50Ft LED string lights. Its 50Ft length makes it perfect for illuminating your garden, patio, porch, or any outdoor area. Enjoy a well-lit outdoor environment while save on your energy bills with our energy-saving LED string lights