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Low Voltage LED Pathway Light 0.6W 22 Lumen 8 Pack

$209.98 $199.98
SKU GG9920-2101-08
  • WARM WHITE LIGHT: Include 8 Pack led low voltage lights. They throw out a fair bit of beautiful warm white light (color temperature 3100K, 22 Lumen). You can space lights out approx 8', which provides just the right amount of light coverage between lights, warmly illuminating your patio, garden path back yard fences
  • CLEAN, NON DISTRACTING PROFILE: Very attractive path light, packaged very well, the beautiful chocolate brown paint job on them, they put out a lot of light while being a little more on the contemporary side
  • HUMAN DESIGN: These just compression fit together by sliding one piece into another. Connecting was easy as well, no splicing or wire nuts, just screw then over your low voltage wire and bing light
  • WELL MADE: The stake and upper parts are corrosion-resistant metal rather than plastic, the light lens is glass not plastic, that is durable and resistant to inclement weather
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXCEPTIONAL: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us for fast after-sales service