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Goodsmann Heavy Duty Garden Tool Set 4PCS, Stainless Steel Transplanter Flower Hand Shovel & Cultivator Rake Tiller & Hand Trowel with Wood Handle & Pruning Shears Cutter with SK5 Head & Works Gloves

$58.28 $49.99
SKU GG9149-13102-04A
  • 【Gardening Tool Set】This comprehensive gardening tool set includes Hand Transplanter, Hand Trowel, Cultivator, and Pruners. The Hand Transplanter allows precise planting and transplanting, while the Hand Trowel is perfect for digging and planting. The Cultivator helps loosen and aerate soil, and the Pruners are essential for trimming and pruning
  • 【Lightweight and Durable】Our garden tools hand transplanter, hand trowel,cultivator feature stainless steel construction with wooden handles for a comfortable grip, Pruners with Mirror polishing SK5 stainless steel head. They are lightweight yet sturdy, making gardening tasks effortless. Say goodbye to bent or broken tools and enjoy gardening with ease
  • 【Ergonomic Comfort】Our Hand Transplanter, Hand Trowel, and Cultivator feature wooden handles that provide a comfortable grip, conforming to the shape of your hand. The Branch Scissors with the TPR material on the handles are slip resistant. The he ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, allowing for extended use without discomfort. Experience the perfect balance of functionality and comfort with our garden tools
  • 【User Friendly】Hand Transplanter, Hand Trowel, and Cultivator equipped with a convenient hanging hole for easy storage, with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, this gardening tool set offers convenience and practicality. The Pruners, featuring a safety lock, ensure blade protection during transportation, providing added peace of mind. With this thoughtfully designed set, easy storage
  • 【Work Gloves】This gardening tool set also comes with a pair of gloves, and fingers and palms coated with a durable rubber, enhanced Grip. With these gloves, you can securely handle tools and plants, ensuring a firm grip and preventing slips. The coating also offers protection against sharp edges, and dirt, keeping your hands safe and comfortable during gardening tasks