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GOODSMANN Boat Fender Inflatable Marine Boat Bumpers Kit with 4 Pack Use to Pontoon, Yacht Etc, with 4 Ropes, 1 Hand Pump, 4 Inflating Needles

$109.99 $69.99
SKU GG9423-19403-04A
  • ✔Well Protection: The one-piece seamless oval shape construction comes with ribbed on all sides add strength and resist rolling against hull. Soft and resilient material effectively protects the vessel from damage from severe collisions between docks, obstacles, other nearby vessel hard surfaces
  • ✔Durable and Long Lasting: Made of high strength marine vinyl that seamless one-piece construction can resist ripping and tearing, and long-term resistance to UV exposure and salt water immersion. Ribs added strength stands up to the stress of compression and flexing against
  • ✔Complete Accessories: Including 4 boat fender(6.5inX23in), 4 inflating needles, 4 inflating needles, 4 ropes and 1 hand pump; Inflate your fenders with these accessories in a short time
  • ✔Easy to Use: Rotate the inflation needle onto the hand pump and insert it in line with the inflation valve (be careful not to over-insert the needle to avoid puncturing the fender). Twin eyelets design can be instantly hanged with lines either horizontally or vertically
  • ✔Easily Storage- You can optionally deflate or inflate to storage all of parts, fit perfectly under seats or inside storage compartments. Only insert the inflating needles into the centre hole of the valve to deflate