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CrossCreek Pour Coffee Gift Set with Ceramic Dripper Coffee Filters Coffee Scoop (White)

$79.99 $69.99
SKU GG9917-C001-064
  • NATURAL COFFEE FLAVOR. Reusable filter. Slow pour-over brewing method extracts all the intense flavors of ground coffee. Smooth mouthfeel
  • CERAMIC DRIPPER. Top quality ceramic dripper with unique porous dripper ensures proper brewing time and full extraction of coffee flavor
  • COFFEE-MAKER CONSTRUCTION. Narrow and long spout coffee pot. Easy to grip handle design. Precise control of water flow. No need for machine assistance
  • HEAT-RESISTANT GLASS POT. Made of high quality explosion-proof borosilicate glass as the outer shell. 360° smooth inner wall for easier cleaning
  • GIFT SET. 4 in 1 coffee grinder and french press set is all you need for your coffee needs. A great gift set for coffee and tea lovers