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CrossCreek 58mm Needle Distributor, Espresso Distributor Stainless Steel Coffee Stirrer Adjustable Height Coffee Distributor for 58mm Espresso Portafilter Coffee Leveler Fits

$53.99 $39.99
SKU SHOPIFY6296-52103-01A
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST 58MM PORTAFILTER. This needle coffee distributor is made of food grade stainless steel and aluminum. Suitable for most 58mm coffee basket and espresso portafilter
  • CONVENIENT USAGE COFFEE DISTRIBUTOR. Unlike the other needle distributor, the height of this distributor can be adjusted by simply rotating the handle to adjust height levels. with adjustable height, it can be compatible with more coffee portafilter baskets
  • 22 STAINLESS STEEL NEEDLES. The distributor has 22 needles of different lengths arranged in an asterisk-shaped pattern. It will provide a good effect of scattering powder when used. It is also effective in breaking up the coffee clumps in the filter basket and reducing the resistance when rotating
  • PRESSABLE NEEDLE DISTRIBUTOR. This distributor is capable of pressing while distributing coffee, and it can rebound automatically after pressing it. In this way, the coffee can be fully extracted. Avoid the phenomenon of water flowing out of the coffee powder before the water touches the powder during extraction
  • ELEGANT GIFT FOR BARISTAS. This needle coffee distributor will provide a smooth and comfortable touch. Its unique appearance makes it perfect to be a gift to beginner and professional baristas