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Coffee Portafilter Holder, Espresso Tamper Stand by CrossCreek Aluminum Alloy Espresso Holder for Most 51mm,53mm, 54mm, 58mm Coffee Portafilter 6296-55101-01A

$59.99 $49.99
SKU SHOPIFY6296-55101-01A
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST ESPRESSO PORTAFILTER. This coffee portafilter hold can work with most 51mm, 53mm, 54mm, 58mm coffee portafilter. Make it to be a wide use portafilter holder
  • LONG-LASTING PORTAFILTER HOLDER. It is made of high-quality solid aluminum alloy which cut as a whole. Make it to be noted for its fine workmanship and durability
  • FASHIONABLE PORTAFILTER HOLDER. It is cut and formed according to diamond pattern and matched with dark gray metallic color oxide coating. It will make this holder to be a fashionable and full of three-dimensional sense holder
  • REMOVABLE BRACKET COVER. It comes with a cover. When you get this cover installed, the holder can work with most 51/53/54mm espresso holder. When you get this cover uninstalled, the hold can work with most 58mm espresso holder
  • HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE KNOB. There is a knob on this portafilter holder. The knob is used for adjust the supporting height to adapt to different kinds of coffee portafilter so that the coffee can be filled and pressed more flat