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58mm Coffee Tamper, Espresso Hand Tamper Slow Rebound Espresso Tamper by CrossCreek with Walnut Handle Spiral Patterned Stainless Steel Base 6296-51103-01A

$69.99 $59.99
SKU GGSHOPIFY6296-51103-01A
  • SUITABLE FOR 58MM PORTAFILTER. The diameter of the powder pressing surface of this tamper is about 58mm. It’s suitable for most 58mm portafilter basket and espresso machine handle
  • SLOW REBOUND CHARACTERISTICS. The unique pressed slow rebound design ensures that the coffee powder is pressed with exactly the same force each time. Effectively avoid the channel effect and make the coffee extraction more stable
  • SPIRAL PATTERNED STAINLESS STEEL TAMPER. The bottom surface of this tamper is designed with spiral pattern. It can ensure more evenly pressed powder while increasing the contact area between water and coffee powder, ensuring a more perfect extraction. Also it is made of solid 304 Stainless Steel. The stainless steel will prevent this distributor from getting rusted. Make you feel reassurance and comfortable when you’re making coffee
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSING DEPTH. The press depth can be adjusted by turning the middle part of the tamper. You can adjust the press according to the amount of powder and the extraction protocol. It makes the filling pressure degree more precise, reduces the variables of extraction and makes the extraction more perfect
  • SLEEK AND BEAUTIFUL TAMPER. With high quality metal, polished walnut solid wood and gun color coating, highlighting the low-key luxury quality of this CrossCreek coffee tamper