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51mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper Set, Egg-shaped Espresso Distributor and Tamper Walnut Hemispherical Coffee Leveler with Adjustable Depth Stainless Steel Base Fits 51mm Portafilter 6296-59101-02A

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SKU SHOPIFY6296-59101-02A
  • 51MM DISTRIBUTOR & TAMPER SET. This set contains one 51mm espresso distributor and one espresso tamper with spiral patterned. The diameter of the powder pressing surface of this set is about 51mm. Suitable for most 51mm espresso machine portafilter and portafilter basket
  • UNIQUE EGG-SHAPE APPEARANCE WITH SUPERIOR MATERIAL. The distributor and tamper is made of high quality walnut and food grade stainless steel. The stainless steel will prevent this distributor from getting rusted. It avoids letting you use your fingers to smooth out the coffee powder, makes you feel reassurance and comfortable when you’re making coffee
  • VERTICAL PRESS DISTRIBUTOR & TAMPER. When you use this tamper for pressing coffee tamper, it allows you to keep the press vertical at 90 degrees. So that the final pressed powder will not be inclined. Make the coffee extraction process more stable.
  • SPIRAL PATTERNED TAMPER. The bottom surface of this tamper is designed with spiral pattern. It can ensure more evenly pressed powder while increasing the contact area between water and coffee powder, ensuring a more perfect extraction
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSING DEPTH. The depth of both the distributor and tamper are adjustable. You can adjust the press depth according to the amount of powder and the extraction protocol. It makes the filling pressure degree more precise, reduces the variables of extraction and makes the extraction more perfect. Help you enjoy a good coffee making experience