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GOODSMANN Low Voltage Electrical Wire 100ft 12AWG 2- Conductor Landscape Lighting Cable Direct Burial Wire with Copper Core PVC Jacket Compatible Low Voltage Outdoor Lights, Path Lights Spotlights ect

$69.99 $59.99
SKU GG9920-0100-12
  • EXTRA LONG WIRE: The long length of the wire allows for greater reach, 100ft length provides more options for routing and positioning the wire, making it possible to achieve a clean and organized installation. The longer wire also minimizes the need for splicing or additional wiring, reducing the complexity of the installation and minimizing potential points of failure
  • HIGH STRAND COPPER CORE: The high strand copper core of our electrical wires boasts a low resistance and high efficiency in conducting electricity. This means that our wires are able to transfer electrical signals with minimal loss, resulting in a more stable and consistent flow of power. Whether you're powering a small device or a large-scale operation, the wire can meet your needs
  • DURABLE: Our electrical wires are encased in a durable PVC jacket that offers protection from UV rays and weathering. Whether buried underground or exposed to outdoor elements, these wires are built to last. With their weather-resistant, these wires can be easily hidden in soil or left exposed to the elements, making them a reliable choice for various outdoor lighting setup
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The installation of this outdoor landscape cable does not require tools or for you to hire a professional electrician. Simply attach it to your 12V low voltage lighting fixtures without the need for any additional tools or equipment. Enjoy hassle-free and efficient lighting setup for your outdoor space
  • COMPATIBILITY: This 12V low voltage electrical wire is compatible with various 12V low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures, making it a versatile choice for your outdoor lighting needs. Its broad range of compatibility ensures that you will be able to use it in various outdoor lighting setup