Five Awesome Careers And Their Illumination Tool of Choice

Posted on November 20 2017

Five Awesome Careers And Their Illumination Tool of Choice




For those unconventional men and women with true grit and the zeal for adventure outside the traditional workplace hours, here are a few paths taken by others with the same kind of mind and the tools they trust.



1.  Cave Biologist - Headlamp

Goodsmann Group Cave Biologist

Deep in the cavernous void, in the abyss of darkness, there is one who studies and keeps a watchful eye. No, not Batman - it’s the Cave Biologist. For those intrepid adventurers who wish to explore a mysterious and largely undiscovered frontier full of strange territory and even stranger creatures, Cave Biology is the perfect profession.

Cave Biologists, like those seen on the season 4 episode of Dirty Jobs, investigate the vast diversity of organisms in caves across the world. Cave exploration is undoubtedly dirty. Copious amounts of guano, or bat droppings, can put off strong smells of ammonia and the general dankness creates an ideal habitat for molds and fungi, but the true explorer presses on.

According to the National Speleological Society, every sensible cave explorer should have at least three sources of light with your primary light mounted to your head or helmet. This is a job for an adjustable LED Headlamp.

With the uneven and slippery landscape of most caves, you will ideally need hands-free illumination to safely make your way. The things you’ll want to look for in a quality headlamp are:

-Waterproof or water resistant

-LED for energy efficiency

-Easily adjustable for helmet or head


-Bright, but not blinding


Here are a few of our favorites:


2.  Park Ranger - Spotlight

In the High Rockies, black bears usually forage after dark. This sometimes leaves the careless camper as an unsuspecting hors-d'oeuvre. It is the sworn duty of Park Rangers to not only protect the North Face nuisance, but also the indigenous and diverse wildlife.

As you might suspect, nighttime in the Rockies is dark, damn dark. With little to no light pollution, it can make getting around impossible without an effective light source.

For a Ranger, the after-hours activity doesn’t just stop with black bears. There have been reports of Park Rangers finding everything from stalking cougars, severed deer heads, human body parts, meth labs, and endless other nocturnal nightmares.

Park Rangers often depend on a reliable and multipurpose LED Rechargeable Spotlight. Qualities you’ll want in a reliable spotlight are:

-Long Battery Life


-Waterproof or Water Resistant

-Beam distance of 300 meters or more


Here are a few of our favorites:


3.  Classic Car Mechanic - Magnetic Floodlight

Disclaimer: Greased Lightning is only a song from a musical and no singing or choreography is required to be a classic car mechanic. In fact, in you have an expertise in restoring a rare or difficult model, you might just make it onto one of the manifolds of grease covered, high octane, eardrum demolishing TV series on the Discovery Channel. Dream big, ambitious mechanic.

Whether you make it to prime time television or find a job in a specialty shop, every mechanic is going to need some type of moveable lighting. A dependable and versatile light that you may see often in some of those Discovery Channel series is the Magnetic Floodlight. Some qualities you’ll want in a magnetic floodlight are:

-Strong magnetic pull

-Full swivel and tilt capability

-1000+ Lumens

-Constant Power Supply

Here is one of our favorites:


4.  Food Stylist - Photo Box Light

Bewitched by the televised artistry of the perfect morsel, the midnight forager emerges. You know how this quest ends. The great quest, the cunning negotiation with the fast food talk box, and ultimately, the letdown. Why doesn’t the food ever look like it does in the damn commercial?

The intention of a professional Food Stylist is to create a perfect specimen of food for television or print to make us drool and swoon. Rarely does a restaurant present an accurate representation of what the food actually looks like because a Food Stylist gets compensated roughly $50,000 per year to make food look like art, while a Line Cook usually brings in about half of that to simply feed the hungry hoard.

A solid camera is an important part of a Food Stylist’s arsenal, but since our cell phones have become remarkably efficient at taking high definition pictures, all you really need is a quality LED Light Box. Some features you’ll want in a reliable lightbox are:

-Good material that doesn’t wrinkle easily

-LED light because it emits little to no heat

-Large enough to fit your subject


Here are a couple of our favorites:

5.  Lighting Designer - Stage Lighting

Did you ever see the August 9, 1995, MTV Unplugged with the infamous rock n’ roll band KISS? Not a pretty sight. How about the one with The Cure? Save yourself the trauma, and trust me when I tell you that in the world of live music, the lighting sets a tone that aids in the grand illusion and performance. Without it, Van Halen is just David Lee Roth playing with his sword collection.

The Lighting Designer is the mad scientist that sets the emotional tone of the event. In fact, a recent study at the University of Liège found that different colors of light influence the way our brain processes emotional stimuli.

"Blue light not only increased responses to emotional stimuli in the "voice area" of the brain and in the hippocampus, which is important for memory processes but also led to a tighter interaction between the voice area, the amygdala, which is a key area in emotion regulation, and the hypothalamus, which is essential for biological rhythms regulation by light.”

When it comes to the tools of the trade, a Lighting Designer can use a variety of technology, but a few good qualities of stage lights to look for are:

-LED to avoid over-heating

-Compatible to Mac AND PC

-Wide color range

-Easy linking to connect multiple units

Here is one of our favorites:


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